Fleas are everywhere
And for every one flea you see on your pet, there are nine more in the carpet or grass! Start your pet on a flea control product from your veterinarian NOW. Flea dips and shampoos are passe.

Groomer Tip!
Whenever there is long hair on your pet be sure to comb through the hair to reach the mats which start next to the skin! Try...THE MATBREAKER, the best tool for mats and loose hair. It is available along with a great line of all natural shampoos and conditioners at Happy Dog Fat Cat Board and Bath! TREAT your pet to a wonderful bath or a complete grooming you will both love.

Fashion Tip: Sneakers, fuzzy slippers or high heels for your dog?
Your dog will tell you paws down that the sneaker is the footwear of choice. Does your dog have hair growing around and over the foot pads? Those are fuzzy slippers and are comparable to walking on a waxed floor in socks, it is so easy to slip! Now look at your dogs' nails when she is standing: are they touching the floor? If the nails are too long it's like walking on high heels! Not easy! Sneakers are the best, when the foot pads are making full contact with the surface. Then young dogs can zoom and old dogs can relax and easily walk across the floor.

Christmas in July
It is not to early to make boarding reservations for the busy holiday season. Beat the rush! As always, tummy rubs, pats, cuddles, and frequent scratches behind the ears continue to be at no extra charge!

Traveling with your Pet?
Whether travelling to the local park or across the country with your pet(s), make sure they have an I.D. tag on their collar. The most important information to have on the tag are phone numbers. The tag should include not only your phone number(s) but at least one permanent emergency phone number that can be called if you are unable to access your phone due to an accident or loss of your phone (please ensure that the person who is the designated emergency contact is informed!). If you have more than one residence, ensure that both phone numbers are on the tag. Having your pet microchipped is also a good idea. Many pets are lost because they cannot tell anyone where they live.

Happy Dog Fat Cat Board and Bath
733 Elliott Family Parkway
(State Route 183)
Dawsonville, GA 30534

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